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A patient centric approach for developing better therapeutics

Innovation and Experience - A patient centric approach for developing better therapeutics
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Our Mission is to discover and develop better therapeutic options
      for patients suffering from unmanageable diseases

We understand that diseases are complex, treatments are unsatisfactory, and drug development processes are long, expensive and inefficient.  Our approach to pharmaceutical research and development is driven by a deeper understanding of diseases at the biological systems level and designing therapeutic strategies to solve specific patient problems.

We are committed to maximizing resource utilization and making conscious efforts to undertake projects ranging from low risk to high risk -- including (1) developing newer formulations of existing drugs, (2) repurposing older drugs, (3) developing new drugs against precedented targets, and (4) discovering drug-candidates against unprecedented targets, with increasing risk profiles in that order.

Our goals are to:

  • Improve existing drugs using our proprietary formulation technology
  • Explore world-wide markets for product launches
  • Develop strategic partnerships for developed products
  • Develop alliances with multinational pharmaceutical companies
  • Increase value for patients and investors

At Sarfez we are committed to discover successful treatments for diseases and passionate about making a difference in the lives of patients.

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